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adRecent Property News

When Interest Rates Vary…
Source : The Hindu Published On : 2012-01-21 City : Mysore

When Interest Rates Vary…

If loan were obtained at fixed rates, there would be no change in the EMIs throughout the loan tenure. Since home loan repayments stretch up to 20-25 years, lenders normally push variable (floating) interest rate schemes or at the maximum, offer fixed rate for a term of, say, five years. Hence, more than 90 per cent of existing home loans are at variable interest rate schemes.

When Interest Rate Comes Down

Anand has a home loan of Rs. 25 lakh at 10 per cent for a tenure of 20 years (240 months) and the EMI is Rs. 24,126. If after two years, the interest rate is reduced to nine per cent, the EMI works out to Rs. 22,596 for the balance 18 years' tenure. In such a case, since post-dated cheques (or standing instructions/electronic clearance system mandate) are taken in advance for EMIs of Rs. 24,126, normally the lender will continue to collect old EMIs. The difference between the old EMI and new EMI (Rs. 24,126 - Rs. 22,596 = Rs. 1,530) will be adjusted towards extra loan recovery (principal amount) or prepayment amount....

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Choosing A Sink For Your Dream Kitchen
Source : The Hindu Published On : 2012-01-07 City : Chennai

Choosing a Sink for Your Dream Kitchen

Modern kitchens are more than modular segments. Complete solutions with compact systems for cooking, washing and other needs of the kitchen are available.

One fast-growing kitchen product is the sink. Available in stainless steel, cast iron, solid surface, composites, and natural stones, the sinks come with glossy, satin, or anti-scratch finishes. The sinks are not just single bowls with a drain tray. They come with two or three bowls, vegetable bowls, strainers, guards, drain kits, faucet, soap dispenser, and even garbage disposer. Some of the latest entries in the market have sensors too.

Though Germany and Italy are the pioneers in kitchen solutions, several imported and domestic brands are available in the market. Many houses prefer to have the conventional sink made of natural stones outside the house and the modern ones in the kitchen....

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Investing In Real Estate Private Equity Funds
Source : The Hindu Published On : 2012-01-07 City : Chennai

Investing in Real Estate Private Equity funds

The Indian real estate sector has grown rapidly over the last few years, with its stakeholder profile evolving from locally-focused, privately-owned enterprises to increasingly corporatised, professional organisations funded with public capital and having multiple market and product strategies.

As a result, Indian real estate has seen a considerable flow of capital in recent years, both from foreign and domestic sources. The developer community is adapting to the requirements of joint venture arrangements with institutional capital sources by providing improved transparency and higher professional standards. The preferences of commercial space occupiers (particularly MNCs) as well as residential space buyers are driving improvements in design, engineering and construction quality....

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Values That Indicate Property Rates
Source : The Hindu Published On : 2011-12-10 City : Erode

Values That Indicate Property Rates

The Registration Department is revising the guideline values across the State. In Coimbatore, the public can submit their suggestions and objections over the revised draft values till December 15.

The draft values are available online  at the sub-registrar offices, and at all local bodies.

Guideline values, also known as property value register, indicate the value of a property in a specific locality. The Department uses the value as the base to register a document. The stamp duty and registration fees are collected according to the guideline value....

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Now, Conserve Energy In Homes And Offices
Source : The Hindu Published On : 2011-12-10 City : coimbatore

Now, Conserve Energy in Homes and Offices

With several inputs and innovations on concrete, the most widely used material in civil infrastructure, energy consumption in buildings can be reduced.

Speaking at CONSTECH 2011, an interactive session between practitioners and researchers in civil engineering organised by URC Construction, EBET Group of Institutions, and Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology in Coimbatore recently, Surendra P. Shah, Walter P. Murphy Professor of Civil Engineering (Emeritus), Northwestern University, USA, said that world's expenditure on concrete was about one-third a trillion dollars.

Globally, buildings consumed 30 per cent of energy. Energy consumption could be reduced by prolonging the life of concrete, making it multi-functional, using less cement, making it a high performance material and recycling demolition waste concrete....

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