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adProperty News For January 2011

2010 was a mixed bag
Source : The Hindu Published On : 2011-01-10 City : Chennai

Every New Year brings with it hopes and expectations. And 2011 is no exception.

But before we embark on forecasting new trends, it's time to evaluate 2010. It started on a positive note, in the sense that the U.S. economy showed some signs of growth and the latest figures indicate that a growth of 2.5 per cent has been achieved. Though the U.S. real estate sector still remains dull, the growth graph has finally started moving upwards.

On the home front, the year has been a mixture of ups and downs in the field of real estate....

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Sand: price, availability a matter of concern
Source : The Hindu Published On : 2011-01-10 City : Coimbatore

The recent direction by the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court banning sand quarrying on the entire stretch of the Tamirabarani and the State Government's move a few months ago to ban use of machinery for sand quarrying on Tamirabarani and Palar have put the builders in a spot as availability of river sand has become a problem.

Sand is one of the main materials for construction. There is an acute short supply of sand now and the prices have shot up, says K.Viswanathan, State chairman of the Builders' Association of India. Roughly, two cubic feet of sand is needed for construction of one sq.ft. The price of river sand has increased by nearly 100 per cent. The completion of several private and Government projects, including those under the Kalaignar Veetu Vasadhi Thittam, will be affected, he says.

“Sand is a commodity that our ancestors had left for us. Now the demand for it is growing,” points out D.R. Sekar, president of Coimbatore centre of the Builders' Association of India. Though manufactured sand (M-sand) is an option, the existing plants might not be able to meet the demand, Mr. Sekar adds. There are about 15 units in Coimbatore, Tirupur and Pollachi for M-sand. Some of these are captive plants. The Government should encourage M-sand plants....

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Monsoon-proof windows
Source : The Hindu Published On : 2011-01-10 City : Bangalore

Fenesta, a company manufacturing UPVC windows, has launched monsoon-proof windows, ideal for tropical weather conditions. Monsoon precipitation rates are very high in coastal areas and combined with high velocity winds, the impact of the monsoon magnifies. To prevent rattling of windows and rain water from entering homes, the company has engineered a special Series 3000 range of windows.

Unlike conventional UPVC windows, these new windows have two innovative features -- a ‘Hurricane Bar' that withstands 245 kmph winds and a ‘Rain Track' that prevents the ingress of rainwater. This improved drainage mechanism makes the windows stay strong even during heavy monsoon.

The two series have the following three innovations to keep the rain out: (1) Rain track: an elevated section clipped on the inside track of the window to function like a dam. It captures rain water and drains it out. (2) Sill arrangement: The special system prevents air pressure from pushing the rain water indoors. Instead, the rain water flows down vertically at some distance from the wall. (3) Gradient slope: A track at a downward slope of 5 degrees ensures accumulated rain water....

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Bring in a pavilion wherever you can
Source : The Hindu Published On : 2011-01-10 City : Bangalore

We are all aware of one unique phenomenon in Indian architecture, not so commonly found in the West perhaps. Normally referred to as ‘mantap', it is basically a roofed space, supported by a minimum of four pillars. While the nearest English translation could be ‘pavilion,' the word does not conjure up all the expressions of the Indian ‘mantap.' Much before the word ‘gazebo' became popular in a rather limited sense, mantaps were tried out in our sub-continent in a bewildering variety at different regions.

Conforming to climate

Down south in Kerala, the pavilions ensure air and cool breeze, while providing shelter against rain. Kootambalams, the traditional performance theatres, are nothing but large open mantaps. Even in the hot deserts of Rajasthan, the flat roof on four pillars is an adequate shelter during day and pleasant to sleep under at night. Garden pavilions are seen in all palace gardens across India, they are a delight to watch and a comfort to use. Nearly in all river-side towns like Ujjain and sacred water tanks like Pushkar, the structures edging the water are pavilions....

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Nhb reaches out
Source : The Hindu Published On : 2011-01-10 City : Bangalore

The National Housing Bank, India's apex housing finance institution, in its efforts to reach out to rural areas and the poor, is engaging microfinance institutions in a big way.

“By providing long-term financial support, technical assistance and training, the bank has engaged many MFIs/NGOs [microfinance institutions and non-governmental organisations] in housing finance,” said a statement on the bank's performance for the year ending June 2010.

It said that the bank provided long-term financial support, technical assistance and training to engage many such institutions and organisations in housing finance. “For this, the bank has sanctioned Rs.83.92 crore to 23 microfinance institutions in nine States covering 16,207 housing units (urban and rural),” it said. The bank recorded a 19 per cent growth for the year ending June 30, 2010 to log a net profit of Rs.280 crore over the previous year. Sanctions by the bank for the period touched Rs.12, 715 crore and disbursements Rs. 8,160 crore....

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