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Giving the interiors appealing wood décor
Source : The Hindu Property Plus Published On : 2009-01-24 City : Chennai

Experts artfully shape the spaces with a judicious and creative use of wood

Interior designing with wood isn’t a new concept in today’s world, but how one judiciously uses it for a seamless blend in one’s interior spaces is an art that only professionals can visualize. Let us look at some kinds that designers swear by.

Kamlesh just believes in living in the woods. This architect-cum-interior designer devises a living amidst variety planks, trunks and barks that he models in his interior. But why use so much wood? Isn’t it difficult to maintain?

“I am a lover of nature, my eyes retreat from anything artificial. It’s difficult not to appreciate the wonder grains and knots showing up so often in pinewood, for instance. And its low-cost and maintenance-free features due to termite-resistant sprays are enough to see it last life long.”

Pointing at his intentionally done-up cross-cross bars of pine wood trusses that act as natural false ceiling at several clothes boutiques and furniture stores across the country,

Kamlesh says, “From glass crates to health clubs, pine has been making its position stronger in everybody’s living spaces.”

Residences, boutiques and malls have seen his variety usages — Burma teak, pad auk, white cedar, rosewood, country wood or the astronomically-priced veneers.

An eye for rustic ambience, heart for trees and a nose for the inherent aroma of wood is enough to have Kamlesh designing the décor for you.

Kamlesh passion has taken amazing expressions at the basement wood designery of art boutiques, forming an example of sleek forms that serve to sum up a zealous venture. “There is an openness and spaciousness about bringing in wood. Even the dull bare and nosy pillars are covered with neem and tamarind tree barks.”

Seaters, counters, clothes holders and exquisite jewellery exhibits bare the stamp of his straightforward minimalism and delicately warped designs.

But how sensitive is Kamlesh towards the declining green-cover? “Ninety per cent of my work is done with waste wood,” he says.

Placing is also art

Rani Ponappa, interior designer, uses all kinds of wood but is right now leaning more towards rubber wood, as it is cost-effective and the features may suit mass-produced furniture. But the humdrum and unvarying grains may not strike a connoisseur preferring some drama and exclusivity; so, placing the logs to look ingenious is yet another art of envisage while using rubber wood, she says.

Variety and irregularity is an intrinsic excitement that the age-old timber provided. The irregular course of grains in teak and the sudden appearance of knots in pine make them stand out.


The limitations in width weren’t lucrative for furniture making with rubber wood, as one had to use joinery that cost much more. But even that is overcome now with state-of-the-art machinery which is able to conceal the joints.

“Apart from the striking qualities, teak can offer long disjointed lengths too, but rubber scores as shorts lengths come in handy for dismantled pieces of furniture,” says Rani.

Says Shantha Bhat, interior designer, “There is an appealing commentary that bamboo can provide given the endearing and modest green qualities that our own native grass can offer. Nobody would realize that a house with bamboo furniture or with patches of bamboo wall-highlighters at sit-outs can bring in some signature ethnic décor.”

“Bamboo is green gold for buildings. This is the message that has to be loud and clear to the construction industry and to architects and designers,” says Vaibhav Kaley, Director, Wonder Grass, dealing with bamboo promotion.

The company, Wonder Grass, was formed by Vaibhav Kaley, Sachin Sekhar and Nachiket Kaley and is now a part of the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore under the N.S. Raghavan Center for Entrepreneurship Learning, receiving mentoring for making the Endeavour a business enterprise, and creating awareness on the characteristics of this special grass.

Forty per cent of the world’s bamboo forests is in India, but we end up shredding a portion only for paper pulp, rather than for construction.

“We are trying to bring in awareness and change the mind-set,” says Vaibhav.

Treatment needed

There arises a question whether bamboo suits the construction industry at all. “It is bio-degradable but durability and longevity depend on the quality of seasoning, and some special treatment would see the mature grass go on and on for more than      40 years,” avers Vaibhav, who talks of the plant’s booming potential for furniture-making which is yet to see exciting times.

Says Shanta Bhat, “Bamboo was once used for scaffolding, but steel has replaced it now as bamboo had primitive methods of joinery with jute strands!

But characteristics of ‘lifetime guarantee’ for furniture or having horizontal bars on your ceiling can bring in an amazing novelty. Have you heard of bamboo staircase railings or bamboo compounds for houses? You could be a pioneer… just have to shed your traditional mind-set, that’s it!”

There are many interior designers taking to the advantages of the wonder grass for designing and there are two million bamboo artisans languishing in the country due to a slump in the bamboo trade. What’s stopping us, the use would bring down the construction cost also by 25 per cent!




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