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Marble gives that smooth, classy look
Source : The Hindu Property Plus Published On : 2008-01-12 City : Chennai

Most historic pieces of art couldn’t have made a mark if they were not chiseled, sculpted or built in marble. Architects, sculptors and artists of yore swore by the stone that is now an integral part of contemporary construction.


          The stone has definitely made its presence felt in our daily lives. Be it flooring, counters, elevation or even fountains, most of the present day structures house the metamorphic rock in some way or the other.


          For the Indian type, white defines the color of marble. Most varieties are found in parts of Rajasthan and are named according to their provenance. The stone in sold as slabs and tiles. For slabs, the size ranges from 3ft by 2ft to 10ft by 6ft and tiles range from 1ft by 1ft to 2ft by 2 ft.


Most Preferred:


            For starters, Makrana is the ‘in thing’ and is the first choice when it comes to marble flooring. The stone’s demand comes from its flawless whiteness and its glossy look after it is polished. Depending on the quality of Makrana, its price ranges from Rs.80 to Rs.200 per sft. “Makrana is preferred because of its unblemished white color. Also, it adds character and style to the structure”, says Manish Mor, a dealer in marble.


          Next in line is ‘Morward’, originating from parts of Rajasthan, the stone stands out because it comes in different varieties. Another variety of this is ‘Morward White’ and Rare ‘Morward Plain White’. Unlike Makrana, the Morward comes with a few shades of green. The stone is preferred for relevation works, in pooja rooms, making marble temple and cladding. The stone costs Rs.35 to Rs.45 depending on class of the stone. Another variety available in the market is ‘Nizzarna’, also known as China Pink and China Brown. For those in love with darker colors, Classic Emerald a.k.a Haveli Black would be the appropriate choice. The stone is available at Rs.70 and goes up to    Rs.100 per sft. Green Marble is available for Rs.45 to Rs.55 per sft.. Other colors like Jaisalmer Yellow and Udaipur Pink come in the same range. The Cheapest variety of marble available is Saawar, a stone with brown lines and costs between Rs.30 to Rs.40 per sft.


          “Cutting and fitting costs of marble goes from Rs.8 to Rs.10 per sft and Rs.2 to Rs.8 per sft for polishing”, informs a marble dealer. On the whole white marble requires maintenance and one should not use harsh acid base solutions for cleaning. A variety of solutions are available in the market that caters particularly to maintenance of marble flooring.



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