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arrow Minimum Checklist to purchase a property
Trace the parent titles of the property and find whether the link of seller and purchaser are in continuity and also verify the schedule of the property mainly Survey Nos.
Please verify that any conditions have been imposed on sale.
If any conditions imposed on sale, please confirm it is cleared.
Please get fresh encumbrance certificate for the property and confirm that no encumbrances are on the property.
If find any encumbrances on the property, Please confirm that it is cleared.
Please verify that patta is available for the above property.
If building is available on the salable property, please verify that proper planning permission and building permission were obtained from the competent authority.
Please verify that Land tax, Quit rent tax and other taxes like Urban Land Tax, Property tax, Water tax, EB bill, etc., are being paid upto date.
If the Vendor/s as per the last sale deed, is/are not alive, please verify the legal heir certificate.
Please confirm from the seller that any agreement and unmarked encumbrances like mortgage, deposit of deeds, lease etc., etc., are not created on the property.
Please confirm that any civil suit or any other suit are pending on the property and also confirm that no other litigation are on the property.
If the property is flat/apartment, please confirm that the construction was made on planning permission given by the competent authority and constructed as per the plan obtained.
Please confirm that the possession of the property is in the hand of the vendor/agreement holder/power of attorney.
5 step guide to buy a home

There are a host of factors that have now made buying a home more affordable. The flip side is that there is also a bewildering range of housing options and loans to choose from. This makes the process of buying a home an arduous one.To evaluate what is best for you and what you can afford, you need to have a good understanding of home buying process.

Step 1 : Deciding to buy.

Step 2 : Getting prepared.

Step 3 : Spotting your dream home.

Step 4 : Getting the right home loan.

Step 5 : Completing the purchase.

Buying a home is the biggest dream on Indian middle-class. There are few feelings that match the pride of owning a house. A house is the biggest investment that on makes in one’s life, parting with a significant portion of one’s savings. Thus buying a house requires a calm analysis and informed decision making. Following these five steps will help you achieve your dreams with confidence.

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